Debt Collection Attorney & Tennessee Debt Collection Laws

Our debt collection attorneys at Garner and Conner have aided businesses like yours in collecting unpaid debts since 2005, and know that using a law firm to collect past due receivables sends a much more powerful message than a collection agency. Attorneys, not collectors, can initiate a lawsuit on your behalf to collect your claims and allow you to focus on your business while we dedicate ourselves to collecting your unpaid debts. At Garner and Conner, we believe in always maintaining our professionalism and ethics when working on a debt-collection case.

What kinds of companies do we help? The short answer is most of them, but we’ve successfully supported all types of businesses including banks, debt purchasers, auto insurance carriers, insurance carriers, and landlord and finance companies.

Garner and Conner are located in Maryville, but we expertly serve clients throughout the state of Tennessee!

Do you have questions about our commercial collection services or Tennessee debt collection laws? We can’t wait to hear from you! Call today (865) 984-1460.